I am updating my blogger of the day through the computer and wiFi in libary. Here is cool and cold. Cold is cause by the air cond, as usual. COOL is because libary finally turn to be a PUBLIC GOOD from initially its status of semi public good. non rivalry, non excludable.

I force to write in english, for the whole thing. You know my standard of English language, but I still need to try and improve myself on it right?

Tomorrow gonna back to my love sweet HOME. Hopefully can make it at hostel before next monday night. We have all kind of plans. However, the fact is most of this plans do not work as the flow we put them to be, there is no logic in the WORLD, sometimes I did come out with this sort of thought.

I think I shall stop complaining. Perhaps I should try make myself get use to the teaching style of my new lecturer. Even now I am sure that there is communication barrier between us...... Anyway, should not judge people, I try not to do so. Additionally, I realize my timetable crashed with his consultation hours. Previously, whenever I can find Ms Mitra in the office, she is always willing to teach me. He is new, so I am not sure. It once again remind me that, I had lose her. It seems like forever.......I don't even have her number, how stupid am I, at least a fb account......

While in DK3 having my Econ lecture class, Rabbit with me came up with the conversation of pregnancy. Eventually I had no idea how we reach there. She advised me that, don't PLAY until myself would get PREGNANT. I would say temporay this can't be happen..... The bleeding incident of Sep had started and still in the progress..........I had no one to make myself pregnant, and I have no any reason and possibility and willingness to get myself into this kind of trouble. Also to remind all my friends, in case just be careful, something you shoud understand, it doesn't worth it.


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