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1st to love


今天又要回去宿舍啦。太多事情我是說到而做不到的,這點我都蠻遺憾。God, I would like to flow with your glory, just hope for you to transform me speed. 昨晚又看了部電影,《Priest》,是今年的電影,不是很確定本地影院是即將上映、已經上映還是不會上映。The love of God never fail, our faith to him never fail.

我現在必須提醒自己,To glorify God, but indeed it should happen without the need of remind. 我告訴自己,很多事情可以慢慢來,會發生的就會發生,應該發生的一定會發生。也開始在思考,how to live a good Christian Life.


God, I pray to you, give me wisdom on everything. Yes, I want it in my studies, but not just for that. I want the wisdom to deal with all the relationship, decisions in my life. Let me be teachable, let my spiritual growth increase in rocket speed. Let all the fruits of spirit pour on me, guide me, teach me, transform me. Your love is always greater than mine.