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It is weird, I knew it and I don't doubt it. I feel like there is an incentive for me to write in English. Certainly I knew my grammar and vocabulary suck.

It is just a feeling. Sometimes I thought of I could express myself better in using my mother tongue, Mandarin. In contrast, there are times where I feel better to write in other languages. Nothing more languages I could write of instead of mandarin and English alphabets.

I think I had update my blog too frequent as I should keep on studying been the right action since the battle is near, right at the corner, May  2012 it is.

Thing is if I had to pray, if you ever ask to pray, what would you ask for? Regardless if you believe in the [answering of prayer] thing. It doesn't matter right now. If you ever request  by the God that you are given  a chance right now, what would you ask for?

I didn't pray too frequent. And  most of the times I pray to myself, I believe in a saying that I will make the answers of my prayers.Now …