I watched 2 movies. And both meant a lot to me.


I really like it. The romance is fine. I love that kind of romance, easy and natural with musical pace. Unlike twilight, which freak me out as the classic terrible romance I had ever seen.

I love Emma Watson even more after I watched this show. She is talented.

It reminds me of friendship and life.

It gives me hope.

Favourite quote of the movie. ' Why do nice people choose to date with the wrong people?'
'We accept the love we deserve.'
The other movie is,

The story is cute and warm.

The characteristics of this kid made me think. He is not perfect, but he is perfect.

I cry watching both movies.

The first teaches me to walk tall in life. The second teaches me to never give up on something I wanted.


  1. wow cool. I really wanted to watch perks of being a wallflower T^T


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