I say you can choose[How if]

The last update was on Wednesday. When I don't have a chance to switch on my laptop, I won't be reminded to update my blog nowadays.

I have this thought that, life is never gonna be easy for us. Because you're meant to be someone great and do greats things in the future. The challenges are meant to prepare you for all these.

Speak it to my best friends, as to motivate all of us a little bit. By the way the evil mon has been really busy, I personally can't contact her. At least something certain is the fact she is still surviving and live on any corner of the earth.

A casual chatting with a friend, I really like her, and so wishing she do likes me too. We're good friends but not the ultimately close one, but we're always good. She is older than me, and so wiser than me.

From the talk, I find out the weird connection about us in life. I keep considering if there's enough talent for me to take certain profession, and the fact is it's our choice sometimes prevail. Despite someone's lack of talent in something, things can be really hard for him , but if he chose not to give up and keep going, then the matter of talent seem trivial.

The question is not whether we have sufficient talent to do something, but do you really want to do this. If you're persistent as to the decision you've made, so there's all it is.

I think if we try hard enough, even someone once decided to hate maths forever in the rest of his life, provided one day he openly face maths and keep struggle with it until one day maths willing be friend with him. He may not be the  ultimate expert on maths but he won't be bad on maths anymore. Although someone didn't born with the talent to do maths, it's still our decision to do it or not. It means we can still do it. So, should we stop questioning about the talent part?

I hope I will stay on a stage that I could never leave it. Then I will understand this is something I'm voluntarily fight for using my entire life time. This is not going to be easy before I can recognise it.

Human like me always mention I have no choice. It sounds like an excuse now. We all have a choice  as to what we want in life, only variable is that in most circumstances we have to think of a different routine to get it than the default and recommend road  due to the setting of reality.

Our decision is either give up, or stay.

P/S:  I like this quote. To hold on is to fight against the world, but to give up is to fight against yourself. Either one is meant to be easy, but there must be at least a reason for anyone to do it. Another quote I just received  online, the soul always know the way to heal itself. The only challenge is to silent your mind..


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