Labour day

Today is labour day. It is also Min's birthday. Happy birthday my dear. =)

I'm trying to make my studies more interesting.

I start to feel good with criminal law. Maybe I should need more time to get myself prepare.

Someone keep coming across my mind, when I listen to the songs. I can't say it is sad or something negative, it is just I think of you, and I know I can't let you know.

It is weird when you think of someone but you should not find this someone any more, you mind command you to behave.

Life is about each one of us going by our own way. I use my sincere to bless you of your future and happiness.

Miracle can happen. When thing are in terrible condition and nobody even ourselves  believe it can recovers, and if it does, it is called miracle.

A plant in my house been really sick. At the end my mum cut off all the branches, left only the stem. It looks very ugly and dying. I still water the plant, since it is a habit. And time passes, until one day, the green and healthy leaves start growing again.

When all of us had finally give up, it doesn't give up on itself. Everyday it is getting better now. Even on plants, we see life and hope.

Actions are sincere and true than words. After so many years of survival, words start to mean less to me, I guess.


  1. Thanks! x)

    And I agree with your post.

    Don't speak, act.
    Don't give excuse, prove.

  2. :P

    Do your best. So that there's no regret.

    And when it comes to some friends....well, let them go if you see fit. And I know this is hard but if you don't. You'll never move on.

    Take care my friend.

    YES, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIN~! (belated actually, since I post this so late. LOL)


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