My girls

I'm sorry I didn't update my blog in daily basis.

Perhaps because I'm all alone for a very long time. I skipped classes, ignoring people and find myself traumatise for speechless reason.

I didn't want to mock my best friends with my stupid and creepy emotions and non stop moody influence. If I did, it's the time I didn't realise I'm doing that again, until I had finished it.

Thanks and sorry and my dear friends that received tonnes of this kind of mental pollutions from me. When I say this, I feel only half sorry I think. Well, hard to say, I just think that you guys won't mind that much right? Hopefully.

Went and reach through dear min and mun blogger. I feel different than how I feel when I woke up in the early morning.

Min is good at turning small things in life to be something different, something interesting and meaningful. I kinda admire that.

Well, as for me, I'm planning for our next date. Some where besides mid valley. I miss you guys~~~

And we're gonna celebrate both princess's birthdays today, this is the plan now anyway.

Mun is been stressful for the maths thing. Min feels bored for awhile dy. I received bomb from the thick law and bored for too long.

Next week I will go back to classes. Initially planned to join April intake, but forget it. Their progress is too slow, hate to learn something repeatedly. I will join Jan intake UKT again and I won't be picky on friends. Just stay with anyone and a gang. Find a seat in the class, listen and feed myself with food then go back home.

I know, my course not yet officially start and hopeful everything will gets better when it's started.

Ptptn thing is not that complex, but I mess up with the format and documents. I have to print again some document because I missed the PTPTN logo on the page.

Next week, UKT students will have to face an unofficial test on contract, maybe I will take it for fun too. I asked a favour from Wei Foong, he will print the 4 pages PTPTN document for me.

If the application failed this time, I'm gonna be speechless. Because I never heard anyone failed to apply PTPTN and need to try for the second time. Nevermind, I tell myself. If you have to do it again, and you're given a chance to do so, you can do it. Just don't give up.


  1. *tears up* Can I just hug you? *HUGS*

    Well, it's ok. You have emotions and that is how you feel. Never deny them. Let them out and then, move on.

    YES, we should hang out~! AND CELEBRATE ALL THE BIRTHDAYS~! (Mon, Min & me. lol)

    Yes, feel motivated. Feel that fire and let it fuel you.
    Do your best.
    SO YEA~!




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