Sincerely I do not know how's the world is going to be after 3 years from now.

I guess, I don't even care. I will care the most of myself. What would turn out to be good or bad in my life after 3 years time.

Especially, how will I be doing at that time.

Clearly I have no single idea. Maybe there is no one capable to predict the future.

It's weird, because it is not someone life. It is our life. Saying is, our decisions frame our future. But we're ever sure how's our future will turn out to be.

Too much of variables, the scientists said.

They said, God has perfect plan for everyone of us, right before we came to the world.

I wish there is a wise mentor, explain to me every step and stage of my life and guide me. However, if he does exist, I'm not sure if I'm going to just listen and do it.

Heaven is peace and perfect, but you can see when everything is too good, we tend to feel bored.

No one sees the future, we just plan it, work on it and hopeful it will turns out things are in the ideal places.

We learn how to fix problems when the problems find us. Or we learn there's no way to fix it when all the possible remedies had exhausted.

P/s: Every time g after I have done many talking or writing, I will feel that I'm telling craps. Hahahaha. No direction and conclusion in the content. I simply blow and end it when I have nothing else to blow. I wonder if one day I will just stop it and find other things to do.
Keep rolling, BUDDY!


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