The country

I once thought the election is nothing to do with me.

I'm below 21. I have planned to leave this country. I'm waiting only for a great opportunity.

But today when I was driving alone, I passed by a street. People, mostly malay holding the cards and the pakatan rakan flags. Cars were horning loud to show the support.

I can't describe it in a good piece. I'm move, they were many old malay ladies that is supporting and contribution to the possible change. They are many people out there trying to change people minds and let their eyes be open.

No many people understand, but they are still trying, let the message to reach more people as possible.

I'm one of the nation here. The country is not good now, but we can make it a better place.

Do not deny the power of every vote. It is our power and rights grant under the constitution and law, we are the ruler of the country. This country is our land, not the foreigner or those greedy, selfish idiots' playground.

If we don't stop them. If we don't believe in ourselves. No one can do that for us.

Then I realised, justice needs to be seek. And if  we really try, justice can be seek. It is there.


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