The Show

Just watched Grey's Anatomy's Season 9 Episode 24. Jackson almost died, April finds out he is her true love. Meredith may die on the surgery. Callie and Arizona may divorce. Christina left Hunt because he had changed. Webber is dying and no one realise that yet. Alex no longer single. In just an episode, all sort of things happen. Anyway Meredith's baby is healthy and safe right now.

I like how the doctors in the show are being put into terrible situations, worse to the extent that people died or lose everything they care. It makes them stronger. Of course it's just a show. But the truth is, traumas do make people grow to be stronger, or it just destroy a person.

Obviously the world is not friendly, the reality is not.

When problems come, I run away. I blame others. I try to make myself busy for many thinking.

I don't mean to do that, maybe.

To fight is always good, to not to give up. But  sometimes to stop fighting is the best solution for some issues. To recognise on the truth and accept it.

I always try to believe that, I'm a good person.

It's fine for all the shits that had happened. The past won't change,  but the future is changing.

Disasters happen when everyone thought that it won't happen.

Tomorrow, I'm a bit afraid of tomorrow. It will comes anyway.

I love it when Christina said, I was made for the O.R. I wish I would know clearly one day, the answer to the question.


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