The study

This is how law do to me, I guess.

I'm practically single. My life is consist of family, friendship and study.

Each subject I'm taking now and in the next 3 years are gonna end with a term of law. Public law, common law, criminal law, tort law, contract law and non exhausting lists.

I thought it will be fun without examination.

I kinda miss the days in Tarc busying prepare for all sort of internal tests together with my buddies. It is pressure but we're progressing fast thanks to the stress.

18 months friendship seems forever long to me. I miss you guys so much. 

I have several thick textbooks. 500 pages are consider thin. I have more 800 pages waiting for me. I decided not to read them all.

Thinking is that even possible for me to stay focus and concentrated for more than 45 minutes on any of these books.

I not yet do my own notes and case studies. Not to mention my need to consume the journals to assist in my critical thinking skill.

To be honest, A level is damn easy. Let me do it again and I will smile in the entire progress of completing it rather to complain much about it. You know I can do it.

Be a hard core person anyway, this is what Grey's Anatomy taught me about in the first three seasons.

I'm going to learn and everyday I'm becoming wiser than yesterday. And my friends are growing with me.

My new plan is to study whatever I feel like to study at the moment. And if I feel bored on a book, I will change to read on other things.

I wish to plan like a strict time tables or something more specific as my study plan but I know I won't execute it. I wanted to but I understand that I'm such a lazy ass.

Mun is working hard on her maths, full form of maths shown below.

And I plan to work hard on law too.

P/s: This post is random and mess up, I know it. Because it is 1.05am at the moment.  Something to tell myself. Change has to take place at the present. Nobody can beat someone that will never give up.


  1. *hugs* I miss you guys too.
    You guys are awesome. I really wish we could go to the same school or something so that we can hang out every say. >w<

    And yes, don't ever give up.

    IT will be hard. But good things never come easy.

    So fight hard.

    You can do it~~~!

  2. Ohh thanks for the hug. HAHAHA. *perasan*


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