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After 20years survival in the earth, I tend to forget the most  straight forward communication method I used to have when I was a kid. No wonderful, technical ,mind blowing words or funny jokes to show a sense of humour. Not to talk for reason to please someone.I used to talk using the most simple words to express the most direct meanings. I say because I feel it. I'm not afraid cause I never consider much on the reaction I would get from the listeners. I won't regard if they would leave any bad impression on me or will they feel offended by my speech.When we were kid, we don't feel offended easily therefore we aren't fear of offended the others. We talk freely but our minds are obvious, true and sincere. We read each others mind easier and clearer. The society required us to act mature, strict, manners and responsible. It may causes us be fake a bit largely on the ground of self protection. For my best friends, now I decided to do this. We are close but I'm not su…

Self esteem

Everyone living in the world tend to work really hard on looking for the meaning of life or living.
Some will try hard to define their life, to see where are they now on their journey. Yet there is pointless for someone to live without a goal. Meaningless for you to know where you're since you find no destination in your life journey. If the destination is just death, you're only waiting for time to pass. Min taught me something. I will express it here with a slightly vary context.
If there is ever a thing you wanted it so much but all you actually encounter is the strong thought keep asking you to give up all the efforts on it, it may either mean you had an wrong idea on what you want previously  or it's  just too important for you. The inner you is too afraid if you can't achieve it and lose the chance forever. Personally as for me, the second condition did occur most of the time.
Every moment you think of it, powerful thoughts repeatedly cut you in from vario…