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Think of it

Think of it, the house is majorly done. You live there now.

Financial thing, let it handle by your parents and brother. Yes, you obviously wish you are not the financial burden in the family. In addition you wish you could contribute a sum a money to the family.

Yes, you can but it is not now. Do your study well, sharpen your weapon and so in future when you get a good opportunity to complete a task, use your sharpen sword to kill the giant monster.

Circumstances influence you, yes, it happens all the time, then learn to cope with it.

Friends with benefits? Of course. If you're nothing worth be friend with, why would others do that?

Don't bring along your negative emotions, people will definitely left. If possible, let it go. At least keep it for yourself. Someone strong enough don't mock others with their stupid problems.

Don't be afraid, for everyday I sin too much. Then I will be forgive. Learn something from the mistakes.

Be hardworking, you was hardworking in the …

White Chocolate Day

I  started to not mind of the date. Even if it is Chinese New Year or Christmas.

Well, date is just digits. Celebration require a state of pleasure mood.

If I'm happy enough, I can just celebrate any date as a self created festival.

Finally move in to my own house. Everything still in a mess. Many things to throw or give away, many things to repair, many things to buy.

But I was finally home. The past 4 months seem to be an ignorance to me. I starred at the calender and wondering I had almost no clear memories on my life in the past 4 months.

Anyway, new life.

As for friendship, I had to truly admit there is nothing much I can do. Move on, do not ever look back.

As for family, right or wrong, blood is some form of bond, at least before I will to gain the financial independence.

As for studies, I'm still thinking. Is law my ultimate passion? Clearly I have too much interests.

Friends said, it takes time to calm and figure out things.

No one wants to be a bad person. No one is w…