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In life, is everything just a coincidence? The people you met and the scenes you see, the things you feel.

Now I start to believe, if anyone will to come and leave your life, there must be a reason. If you were put in a good or bad position, it has a reason.

It somehow leads you to be who you meant to be. Life is unpredictable so as you yourself. Just like my 17 years old me could never foreseen the shape of my life now.

Hang out with my buddies, war buddies. We went to mid valley, once a sad place to me but now it no longer has to be. We watched a movies . I'm glad they like it. I feel sad for the zombie cause they can't feels pain and lack of ability to communicate with others.

I feel all right today. And although we said we haven't make any firm decision but I believe that we already had. The plans are in front of us,we see that. Nevertheless we are not ready to start it yet. If we decided to start then we want to be sure, we must have bring our ultimate passions  throu…