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It's always lucky if coincidence took its place.Although bad things require coincidence to happen either.They must be coincidence thus our mind meet,instead of both operate in parallel line.In secondary school I learn of a saying,there are people in the world meant to walk in parallel line.Their  life meant to have parallel relation with each other.Meaning they are not gonna meet each other with knowledge in life no matter how close the two lines can walk in same direction but the fact they are always missing each other for the sake of parallel.Even if people met,coincidence may not take part.I had friends and people that care of me so much.They are close to me,they do many good things to me.However I always tend to forget them easily.The feelings are not there.I just don't know why the bond can't be there and so I always care less than they do.I didn't do it purposely.After all in any relationship,it is the matter of chemistry to give anyone incentive to do things,to …