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A talk with Pooh

Christian friends informed, fear is the wrong F. Faith should be the one.

I have no faith. I never believe in miracle. Unless there's enough hard work and sacrifice to induce it.

I can never go to a battle without weapons on, and my belief on myself as a well trained soldier.

I fight for the sense of security since I lost my innocent.

I love Winnie The Pooh very much. Especially the little wisdom from each characters. The show doesn't just meant for kid.
I wish, there is some kind of friendship exists as even longer than forever duration.
Many good things in life I wanted to believe them, But I never. If I do, I won't doubt on its validity or culpability of coming true. However I indeed hope that I could believe it.
It's the fear that come to me after I had lost my innocent. The fear of getting hurt causes me the refusal to believe and put hope on many things.
Life is changing, society is varying and people won't be a same a month after and before.I wanted to belie…