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Double and large

I'm someone lack of persistency.I look into the mirror,this is what I had been trying to afraid for long.Seriously I had gained  larger a size among these days.I don't feel I eat too much.I feel like I'm having my normal life.The mirror asked me the face the truth. Or I will have to switch off the light and go sleep.Traditionally I noticed many problems waiting to be solve in life and pretended they're never there.I can't explain,I'm just having the lazy mood to deal with things and get especially frustrated when people are trying to force me to look at the problem and deal with it.I consider myself as a occasionally malfunctioning automatically machine and self rejecting manually pushing of program running.Now mirror and camera are only prepared to give their silent speech not to alert but to tease me deeply...So yea,I admitted it is the damn truth. Although I suspect it's because the metabolism of my body tend to slow down because I walked less than I did…

How I feel

Sometimes we have been put on a weird position.We can explain if people never ask. It seems only like giving excuses or desperately finding someone to explain a misunderstanding when people don't even ask about it.And sometimes even when people ask,you may not know how to tell.Perhaps the adjectives I learn to describe how I feel happen ro be too limited.At the end,do you care how they feel about you?I care and I often acted like I don't and most of the time I'm just trying to be myself.It sounds weird that people are trying hard to just be themselves and to do it is never an easy task.