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Why honesty is ever needed

I have heard of people saying, be honest to yourself.

Many people have different views or granted vary definition on the sentence above.

Questions like, how do we be honest to yourself? To what standard do the requirement be consider satisfactory? And etc.

I would think that no standard answer will be a all right thing to say. Or should we have such a standard to measure it.

It is personal.

Then why do we need to be honest to yourself?

I think that people hide truth knowingly from themselves is because they don't want to feel hurt or any form of negative emotions. The point is they already felt hurt but they tend to walk way from it so they hide it from themselves.

What kind of pain is that? It is because you lack of courage to look at the pain. The pain comes from the wound. Only if you with the bravery and look into the pain, feel it, solve it or just recognise it, that would be the medicine to cure your wound. It is the only way your pain will stop indeed and gone when time pas…