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When there is only one left

I'm still waiting for my laptop battery. Surely one day it will comes and still my laptop can only take his sweet time and rest. I have been posted a demand for more toilet on Twitter and a friend replied on that. The point is just that when arguing for something on that post. I came out with a idea of my personal opinion. Toilet is more important than restaurant for me. If it can only have one, i won't be hesitate to choose toilet. Don't get me wrong. Restaurants have kitchen but we cook in kitchen not the other part of the restaurant. Restaurant can work in a way with only stock room, kitchen and cashier counter. But toilet is an essential. You can bring the food and eat at almost every way. But without toilet you can't be holding the umbrella with you all the time and immediately find a tree then uses your umbrella to protect your privacy as possible in a way to protect your human digital as well while you're executing the physical need to give out waste of your…