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What else

What do you need? And what do you want?

There is a difference between them.

There is some many things I want.

There is nothing I need that I don't have.

Perhaps it is something so unusual when you realise that.

Anyway, don't forget I want to earn the scholarship to go Uk and a good job and career life that I like in the future.

Fire work

I know firework always shown in movie scenes as something so beautiful and interesting.

I feel bad when it is Chinese New Year people used to play the noisy fire work too much.

Then I feel that is bad because it will causes air pollution and sound pollution. The danger lies behind all those home made fire work is damn dangerous.

People do not seem to aware of all these things.

 I feel so regret when I heard those people who argue that if we chinese do not play fire work on Cny then it is our lost while other races are doing it to celebrate their festival.

Life, when becoming the minority I try not to argue so much with those who certainly could not understand what is on my mind.

There are many ways to have fun in Cny, not necessary to be full of gamble games, not about winning money or just a time to collect angpau  money. It is meant to remind the people of the value of family and the relationship, spend time to update the news of each others and show the care and love to them.

It is…