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A night

Went to a shop and play with their stuff.
Take some pictures and go home.It's the new place for my goldfish by the way.

A different place

Today I didn't study at all.I change and clean the two aquariums. I switched the gold fishes to the bigger aquarium.Well I'm definitely bias. I still leave them in my study table.Then I completed almost all the routine house work. Mum has to fetch dad to varioue place for his so called important things to do.Today we got the water supply again so I have to deal with more things.Washed clothes,dry them. Sweep floors, mopped them as well.Mop everything in the living room, my brother working table, my room's closet and my study table as well of course.By the way I also settled two fans. It's the kitchen and my study room fans, so dirty because we cooked often.I always think I never agree with my dad's standard of cleanliness, for me he's too dirty.Anyway about housework I can just do or not do, if I'm lazy I will just leave it. To be honest, I usually can't stand it. Failure,laughter.So yea, consider that as exercise should be fine .Finally time to have re…