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Curiosity & Life

Read my dear friend's blog and leave her some comments then I got myself inspired.

I always think that no body knows me better than my characters do. Even if I really want to hide myself, somehow implicitly my characteristics, desires, or anything that I don't even know about myself, will all shown on my characters, what they say, what they do, and the decisions that made, changes of them.

I want to believe that attitude is superior than experiences and skills. Without the right attitude you can't even get the latter. If you got the attitude, or sometimes we called it faith, to gain experiences and skills is a matter of time.

To have learn, you must first fall.

Give up is fine, we all do. And pick it up is even better, you take a break and come back, usually things get different. While you are too intense and exhausted all your current capacity to deal with an issue then you fed up. Only if you had previously exhausted yourself then when you come back, you see a different …