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Do you agree that our life do need some distraction of our own?

When there is so much pain in life, we do things to help us escape from the horrible reality, it is called distraction.

The world taught us to be focus and be concentrate, so we would achieve big aims in life. So well as your teachers must have told you these.

I am a quite offensive person, some words and behaviours I did intended for it to happen, some are not. It is more like my nature to just blow things out from my mind.

The almighty God has been playing fools on me this few days. The weather has been performed like it has been agreed upon within the private ruling parties names God, to rain on the specific range of time which I used to jog for the previous few days. My plan is completely screw and I didn't learn to feel grateful for his plan.

If there is an altar which I could ruin, burn or destroy to show my feelings to the God, I will be heading to there.

It shouldn't be an one man show just because you'…