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Sometimes you just need to get out of town, get a new perspective. But you can’t always see that you need a new perspective because well, you need a new perspective to be able to see that. It’s complicated.

Open your eyes. What do you see? More possibilities? Does your new view give you more hope? That’s the goal. Although, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes a shift in perspective just makes you see what you’ve lost.
Meredith Grey (Season10, Ep.21-We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together)

The Harper Avery is one of the highest awards a surgeon can earn. They always make the call to the nominees on the same friday of the same month at 8 A.M. east coast time, 5 A.M. in Seattle.

My mom didn’t think she’d win. She thought it was a popularity contest and she wasn’t popular. She was a woman and fellow and her arrogance could rub people the wrong way. She hadn’t allowed herself to imagine the possibility of winning because she wanted it too much. And when they called my mom’s name…