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Weird taste of me

Okay I am thinking of having anew phone. Just thinking. My final decision is Nokia.

Lumia 1520 is 6 inch, truly big so I sort of consider it for some time. I like the spec,  camera and all those things are good. The price is quite reasonable too. 
No body agreed that I should buy Nokia as it is a window phone while most are recommending android interface.
I am sick of Samsung lagging nature but I have to admit their speedy technology development of their phones are truly impressive.

 I chose the white one if I have to. I know the yellow is sharp and outstanding because other phone don't have this colour but out of some reason I still chose the white one.

When it comes to Iphone 5s, It is my dream to have it at some point in time. The price is just too expensive , not just that I can't afford it. At the same time as a student, it may be too luxury for me. One thing which disappoint is that I hope they would improve more of their technology development so to be the hardcore bran…










The sleepless night

Insomnia at the late night. 3 am at night.

So I planned to wake up and write some essays [ Chinese] and update my blog before I start my essays writing.

I am going to write a story about the crows.

It may sounds funny to you. It will involved some of my childhood memories while the citizens with a gun license could shoot dead the crows and get paid by the amount they killed.

Then another will has something to do with the theme that, do accidents real or it is the mankind's deliberate reckless that caused most of the harm and mistakes in our life.

Sometimes when I looked back to my past, the only reason that I am feeling bad for something is because I knew that it could be avoided, if I would be more cautious at the time back then in the past.

I have a little crazy dream too. I read the chinese newspaper and there are pages for the doctors to talk about different theme of our body health and the economists to discuss about the common investment and financial knowledge to the public…