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Here again.

Second year of law school should be much more tougher than first year.

I would say that I have no regret in spending that much of time in my first year studies which I almost forgo all the entertainment I could have for myself.

The past will stay there and lesson taught and learned.

I will still concentrate on studies and I have always heard that land law is a very complicated and difficult subject. I aimed for more than just mere pass which I need to get better results to secure my final grade on the graduation certificate.

Anyhow I have plan to move my total focus on studies to other things such as my body health and lifestyle.

I  always have plans for myself and the worst thing is I always lack the consistency and persistence in executing them.

I still have to write them down again here.

I will have to exercise regularly and eat healthy from now on even after my classes begin. Not to stay up and study continuously on midnight, not good for health.

I may stop the consumption of meat…