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I am running

This is the first section I used to run continuously.

Well finally I can run.

Despite I can't keep it for too long yet.

Even if then I split it into two parts I still can't combine it to  a 5 km run. As long as I don't get injured and stuff and never mind. As time passes by I believed that I will be able to run for a longer distance.

Now everything back to basis. I try to run for 5 km whether continuously or not then to the nearest target of running for 5 km without stopping. It will add on for every km until I can do 10 km without stopping. Of course I do hope to run for 21 and 42 km without stopping one day and it definitely will take time.

Just be patient.

This is the last SLOW walking while I just try to let my body rest by casual walking and maybe just to do a little in order to makeup the 5 km. Then it rains.