Cook book

This is while I was inside the car. Actually the exact view is much better than this but due to the car is in a moving state and I have to capture it blind, mean my eyes isn't seeing what I am capturing, I just pull my phone near to the mirror, and the camera eye face up the sky and take the picture.

I can see the beautiful, slight gold colour gloss shiny light coming out from the thick cloud and reflected from all different dimensions.

 Yeap this is today running,

I am still a vegetarian until now. We will just see how things go then.

By the way I had finished reading the 5th book last night. It almost made me unable to wake up this morning. I just like to make things done quicker in a usual state. Like today's job has to make it done by today kind of issue.

I have learn a lot from the books. NOT just the way the author writes,  sad and happy feelings and actually twist ad turn it into twins and some kind of combo. Unpredictability is one thing. It dissect well on the characters feelings and characteristics and how they influence each other. Interesting would be how the author interpret, define love and make the simple triangle love relationship never just the boring and identical triangle.

The stories have many themes and they interact with each other so well. Such as betrayal, coincidences, dizziness and the falling, soul and the body, strong and the weak, light and the heavy. I love Sabrina, the mistress most in the book and I truly feeling sad for the dog that has to die in the story. Actually at the end most characters die and I know it is a right thing to do.

Surprisingly, right before I was born this book is there and the author did talk  about his views on animal cruelty, homosexuality and other stuff. The stories take the wars happening there as background.

I agree when he says bible is written by humans being. It says God wants humans to have control on all other livings in this world. He rather sees it as a form of delegation instead of ownership of everything else in the world. The author thinks that somehow humans as the watchman will have to pay for what they did to the world and the animal beings. If Aliens conquer the earth some day they will create the same stories as some higher power rank them as the highest intelligent creature in this earth thus now they are in charge of every other living creatures.

Then the Aliens will hang a round on human's neck and take them out for a walk in the park, learn different parts of human and the different method to cook these parts as well as the nutrient level in consuming them. You will find an Alien using a knife cutting on a human meat steak in a restaurant and complain about the quality of the sauce and wine as well as discussing the origin of the meat on their plate, isn't a Italian or Asian race taste better? They will have books that teach you how to differentiate the taste of meats of different race.


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