Love Wins

This is the book I am reading now. When I brought it I don't quite know what is it all about but I just like the title of the book very much.

In fact it is a few different love stories and interaction of some characters, it is not the surface kind of feelings and description done by the writers. I find the content artistic and interesting. It is slightly complicated but with so much fun.

I think this is the 5th book I am reading on June, I hope I can finish this one by end of June which is a bit challenging. It is okay, I enjoy reading them anyway.

It sounds a bit like a revenge to me. I stop reading any non law related book ever when I started  A level and now I have a summer break therefore reading make me feel good and alive.

I know I should have wake up earlier, try again tomorrow maybe. The sun comes out and attacked my eyes. A professional runner told me to buy the runner type sunglasses,  I think maybe sometime later because I have been spending a lot these days.

Congratulation to US Supreme Court finally rules in favour of the same sex partners to make it legal for same sex partner marriage throughout the country [ all states in U.S]

This is just the superb abstract of Supreme Court judgment. Honestly when I first have a look on the news, I got mislead by my own English legal system knowledge. In U.S they have a constitution therefore besides their parliament can make law, the Supreme Court is also come with power to determine if certain issue is compatible or against the constitution. This time is their Supreme Court which is making the decision thus changing the law.

I think their Supreme Court is making a good call. Only except I do think it is also time for them to have a greater control on civilian control and usage of gun and weapon in the country.

Love is just love, it is never a tool use to harm anybody which exist as a minority in any part of the world.


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