calf muscle restraint

This picture took by me yesterday. After almost a month torture of sickness, my mum seems to start gaining some sign of recovery. I hope she could recover really soon and stay healthy for a very long time until the next possible sickness may come.

Human is fragile in that sense that, even hit by anything and any accidents add in some coincidences can kill somebody or causing permanent disability or injury. Human's life is like a candle light, and the candle is short too.

Hope is the only thing left inside the Pandora's box, is the thing human has to holding on in order to bypass all the major and minor obstacles in life.

We can't deny sickness, aging and death in our life, never a person can stop it and helping others to reverse it.

I can't run today. My plan is to keep running until today and make Monday a rest day. My calf muscle is killing me when I run. Of course it was my fault too, I should have get to bed earlier last night. All of us is trying to find out a suitable date for all to meet up with Singying and Bing as well, cause indeed we haven't see each other in a pretty long time period.

A funny fact is that the last four digits of my cellphone number came out in an exact manner on Magnum counter as first prize....

I do not gamble, should not and without such plan to do so in the future, so nope I am not a winner. My hope is that if ever this is a sign that I am having some luck now in me, I want my exam to pass, please don't pass in a too ugly manner.


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