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Hello, August

Yes, I finally have all the lego done. Only Captain America belongs to me, all others are meant to be a gift, to my nephews.
This lego thing first appear to be a big issue to me. Slowly I learn their logic and start being capable to build them up. It is a pretty good way to train one's patient and concentration. I think it is a better way to train your patient level then to go for fishing. 
Firstly you need not spare money to purchase those expensive tools to fish and no life has to be sacrifice for your personal joy and lesson. Furthermore there is no suffering on their part too.
Usually when it is first day of a month, people will post a selfie of their own on Face book and say something like : August, please be good to me. It should consider as a fresh start for everything since it is a starting of a new month then.
I would say the same now, be good to me. 13 of August will be my result release day. Before that I am just gonna try my best to look for stronger distraction.
I am…