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The Bersih 4.0 event is quite a big thing now. Last time I checked it says 36 hours, I mean wow. So people will stay overnight there? I may be stupid but I think why not just have a peaceful walk and end then all go home to rest?
Maybe people are indeed serious now. Life is difficult and the government is just a pain in everybody ass. I am grateful to see that people are now awaken and eye opened.

It is strange that I am never a patriotic person and never stop thinking of the option to migrate to somewhere I love. This time I suddenly feel that I am obliged to do something but at the same time there is fear inside me.

Of course my parents wouldn't allow, they will wanna kick me out from the house. They think this is dangerous, not because of the act itself but we have no trust on our government. It is the truth.
 It is our right to go on street and voice our opinion to the government. We are not the pets or slave of the ruling party. They are not the King or royal, they are peopl…