Bare movement

Allow accident

I want myself to allow accident and take in what life throw to me at any random moments. I am those people who look for security and certainty all too much.

Avoiding all possible failure, humiliation and at all possible low cost, I do not face  ultimate failure by this style of living. At the same time I am not meant to achieve anything great with great success by this way.

It is not as easy as it seems like. To embrace failure, rejection and all sort. I lack the courage, I have always been running. I want to make a different and I have to be consistent about this.

Sometimes all you need might just be to do it, then too much of thinking. You regret more of what you didn't do than those you did.

2nd walk

I suspect I would never be able to run again. But I am still doing it, walking or rolling. Just keep itself moving.

It may gets better. It could.


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