After I got burned a little by the Sun this morning the early evening is just just windy and nice.

At least I made time to cycle for a while today.

This is cheating but just forgive me. The watch doesn't recognise the difference. I had my fun.

Maybe same as life, cycling isn't after being the fastest yourself for few minutes but being the dynamic you.

See any obstacles, calm down and find a way to get through or wait for the cars to pass. Stop gracefully without throwing yourself off your bike. 

It is not the strongest that survive, but the most adaptable. 

Boring life

When I see people travelling here and there having all kind of activities, meeting up new people,hanging out actively, it makes me think my life is kinda plain.

Chores and studies.

But then I guess I get bored of the cycle. The thing is everyday life will throw some kind of bullshit at you, of course I don't like it but it is where life is dynamic.

Maybe you should think of to solve these problems, instead of this is how life suppose to be.


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