Game called being honest with myself

Youtube night

One of my dreadful weakness would be to on my Youtube browser at night,surf through videos and sleep late.

Some people couldn't afford to sleep when they wanted to. Here I am wasting my time, of course I enjoy those time spent but it is bad for the health and causes me to wake up late. 

No running this morning. Morning is always so good, cold wind, not much cars and peaceful. I missed it again.

Basically I spend my time making notes from last weekend classes. Then around 4.30 pm I took a break end up sleeping. Woke up around 630pm which is so late. I know I will regret it if I have not try to walk a bit.

Sunday I have 9 am to 6 pm classes. When I get home, earliest would be 7 so that day has to be a day off. 

How about no youtube video tonight. I know you need to find a way to escape from reality and some video supplement things you don't have in real life.

Changed so much

Wei Fong and Meng Hoi and stuff ended their UK transfer course come back to study CLP in BAC too. I felt that most part of them don't change much. How they look, how they behave and their belief.

Except the once brotherhood I thought would last very long from them broken down. I am not interested on their affairs and if would be good if they became friend again, still none of my business.

It reminds me of many people I know around my age just keep the same for a long time. I in the contrary get quite some changes.

I got the hair from very short to quite long, curly, straighten all sort of colours....then short, very short then all sort of colours. Recently I have in mind to let them grow a bit until it reaches the length of my shoulder. Therefore I would have something to look forward to. Of course no more colouring and all sort, keep it professional now. 

 True that my wardrobe choice  do not evolve much. Shirt, pants and etc. Then I got it switch a bit, now usually are plain colour shirts, keeping the design to minimum and no cartoon now.Some long sleeve added but do not get much chance to wear time since Malaysia is indeed a burning seasons each year.

Maybe it is me that didn't notice their changes or I am just quite different them?

I changed from android based phones to Microsoft, big screen small screen and all sort. I experience changes deliberately too, just that I play them really safe.

I almost never give it a leap of jump. I know it. Maybe things going to be different from now and it will slowly come. 

I am playing this game of being honest with myself recently.

P/s: Walk tall. Nobody care what you are talking. Even if they do, it is in fact none of their business.


  1. Change is scary sometimes. But sometimes it's good.

    Being honest is good. I am also focusing on being honest with myself. It's interesting when you are. BEcause sometimes, you want to lie to yourself so badly because it's easier. But you already know the truth even though it's ugly.


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