I was and no turning back

I was

I just want to not forget this. You should not be ashamed of who you are, and if you get use to hiding, despite yourself denying the fact that you don't feel it that way, eventually you are, you will always be.

If you be yourself, people that hate you will always still hate you. If you be some body else, people wouldn't like to either.

Chose the path your heart goes for and you will face so many challenges and failures. Chose the path that people ask for you, you will fail so many times as well. The point is you might not get the strength the stand up again after.

Don't get back there no matter how, the sad old looking at past you, that let things and what people say define you. Don't ever be that person anymore.

Heavily rain morning

It rains superb heavily this morning. Didn't get to run.

Stop raining around 1030 and sun comes out almost immediately. I get burned a bit but it is okay.

If I do a quite run this morning perhaps I could have more time cycling at the evening.

Besides be true, also remember less is more.

Bring the focus to the right place and the right people, right incident.


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