Lonely Christmas

Brief Saturday

Morning I went to eyes specialist clinic with mum and sister. Mum's right eye cataract surgery will be on 13/9 on next Tuesday.

Then we went home after brunch. I drive to college since KTM is such asshole. My phone mould holder  drop my phone half way to college. I have some luck so I didn't crush into anything.

5 hours class killing me.

It makes me feel bad because I need to pay UOL to get the transcript in order to pay lembaga peperiksaan for the CLP exam. And money isn't the only thing. 

We have to post our application form to UK. UOL stated they need our original signature. My college tells us crap. I have to deal with them personally.

CLP is really so tough, and it is not master so not a higher qualification. I need it to practise. I feel like to run away after the first class.

I think for myself for awhile, and I should stop running and learn to stay. I have to try at least once.


I feel lonely after and while the class. It is more than because I am alone.

It is a feeling that acknowledge we all our alone.  We deal with our own problems, we handle our own success and failure. Own life, own work and it is eventually just us.

People come from different places, going to different place.

Interaction is there but not that necessary. Genuine interaction is rare.


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