Loner in journey

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This TED Talk is by a model work in the respective sector for more than 20 years.

I do appreciate the inspiration and innovative spread by the dedicated TED Talk team.

In this world it is often how we look than who we are that affects us the most. Still should we let that happen to us? It is a battle we all have to fight, and the ending is not yet to be seen.

Emotional attachment

 I do come across this term occasionally in my law text book. 

I just feel like to research on it a  little. The good thing about science is sometimes it doesn't just give us a different perspective to see things, it even does make us question more on everything around and within us.


I all the while get that we were all born alone and eventually die alone. 

The only person that will stay with you forever is just yourself.

Yet I think only until recently I feel more about this. Like the people around me in the class or wherever, we all come from different places, different background and as different people.

We are just the loner in our life journey. Own problems to solve, own reward to take, own weakness and darkness. 

There will be times we meet up and share a moment with other people. As if at some point in time our life track just sync for awhile. After that we will all gone our separate ways.

I wonder the biological and psychological needs of human to be with his peers are the survival things. We need to stay together each provide something and fight against environmental challenges to live our life. 

Other than that we are just pretty alone. If we keep rationally most of the time, we should be able to see it very clearly.

This feels dark and sad a little bit. We don't need anybody in our life. We may want them, but in fact we don't need them as a matter of fact. All this heart breaking and sadness is due to the emotional attachment that makes us feel that we are dying.

Maybe a positive side would just be, however short time frame of the collision there will still be impact and influences. It might not be all that pointless after all. Despite the outcomes are almost unpredictable.


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