Make a different

TED talk

The existence of TED talk first come to me through Grey's anatomy while Callie was invited to go there.

Anyway in the latest series even Callie left the show. I think the old grey is no longer there. I do think they should start a new one instead of keeping it running.

This 100 plus tin design surprise me a little bit as it comes out from the machine located inside Selayang hospital. Yes it is my dad's matter I was processing there. I wish until the day of my death, which I am okay if I don't live so long, just don't make me end up going in and out of the hospital.

About TED talk I downloaded the audio into my walkman and I WALK with it. Some of the talk is indeed inspiring. It makes me think how lucky I would be if someone in my life that is close to me would be giving me new inspiration everyday. That's a soulmate goal maybe.

Well being someone inspiration is great. Just that I might have come to a stage where I am tired of being somebody else helper, assistance, listener and I just want a character switch.

Allowances block

I tried whatapps the manager that holds the money to pass to the secretary in the office as she will always be there in the office. I still do not get any reply. This friday I will be sending my dad to hospital for some matter and when I am done I am going to call the manager and see if she is around for me to collect it.

If the answer is negative I would just give up. You bank in to me or not, it is okay. I need a full stop for myself on the matter.

First walk
 I know I am doing this in a more than lazy manner. The consolation prize would be I am still walking 3 days a week despite the minimum efforts.

I need at least 2 days to complete this week task. I figured.

Please do finish the 90 days first phrase counter and make me proud okay? There is so many things you fail to begin with. So many more you fail to finish what you have started.

You want a difference, make a different.


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