We are rare

Rainy morning

I love rainy morning,after and night.

I love them all. As for sunny days, I am not a fans. Guessing summer won't really be my thing. The other seasons would have been nice.

I just walk as you get me.

Saturday first class

This Saturday would be my first class. 5 hours lecture and I am not sure how to survive that. 

Worse is the class will be superb huge. And my beloved closed friends from the college has either been still doing UOL and travelled to Korea after the completion of her degree.

I miss them all so much and I am alone now. 

I might make new friends that I like, or not. None of this matter anymore.

Study, study and stay focus. If you can, I wish you will have fun too.

Optimistic Vs  Pessimistic 

Sometimes the advantages of being optimistic is overrated.

Are we born to be clinging toward one side or we choose to be on which team? I think the family background all gives conditions and even qualification for one to be optimistic.

If you parents keep telling you it is okay, we all learn from our mistakes. We love you. You tend to be more optimistic. 

I don't quite have that conditions with me. In very much every thing I do they have comment and judgement, ever since I was a kid I don't know how to make things right because they always see the bad sides of them.

Here it is being positive can make you a happy person, true. And I like the idea of how some academic split the way we see things on a different dimension.

3 elements are there, namely in term of time, space and occasion. Permanence, Pervasiveness and Personalization.

Positive people see happy things as a more permanent thing like good luck always on my side. 

Positive people see happy things are going to keep happening to me.

If bad things happened they think well just an isolated example.

You tend to be more motivated when you think in such positive manner. However pessimistic people are the realist, they predict and worst and they lower their expectation. These people tend to keep a consistent and long term marriage and more endurance toward suffering. Maybe that is because they have all seen it coming or somehow applying the Murphy Law as it is.

The reason we feel mad, sad and all sort is mostly is due to the fall short of our expectation. Maybe some pessimistic do not expect that much. So they tend to just accept it without much difficulty.

The superb pros of pessimistic is they see the real thing, they see the risk and they work carefully in avoiding failures. These people possibly never believe in fairy tales. I believe I just simply born this way.

To keep a balance I might want to get something from the optimistic side but overall I should appreciate myself still more as a pessimistic more or less. 

As in undeniable introvert something interesting I learn from the TED talk is we introvert don't say things directly, we like to do it in a indirect manner. I think it is somehow true but we all learn to me more direct because otherwise it would be hard to communicate others.

Once again we are rare people.


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