Conscious tool

Sum up

Last week I didn't complete the 3 days minimum works out thing. My fault, I just feel like I need a break from that.

So no sum up from last week and let's count from this week.

Today I walked for 3 miles.

Conscious tool

I created this name. I am sick of people calling others names by how people look and form judgement on how people live their personal life.

Especially I encountered so many occasion people criticising the wedding brides so old and stuff. How is that even your business?

Don't like it, don't come! People invite you to ask for your blessing. Well, maybe they shouldn't even care because you are just a shallow idiot.

And to be honest I came to think my parents are getting more and more unreasonable on so many things. I tried to forgive and forget about that. 

I should ignore by then. They have their own problems and still my parents.

The thing is I try to avoid letting things get personal these days but somehow it is not that easy.

The whole concept of creating this conscious thing is to help me to dodge unnecessary direct reaction of me toward questions posted by random people.


What happen to you hair? Thanks.
Oh My God, you're so fat and short!Thanks. [If I got pissed off and necessary- You should look into the mirror too.]
When do you plan to get a boyfriend? Until I found one?

The plan is, I either be polite and off them or I simply reply them with another questions. I need to stop having this nervous response of rationalise and make my decisions and all look decent and acceptable to any of these people.


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