Second day

You want to know how lazy I am? This is the second run I have for this week. Anyway I will try to wake up extremely early tomorrow for the third day running of the week.

Preserving energy

People always tell me that I think too much. I always thought it is a good thing.

I am so much better than people who don't think  at all. 

Until recently I think I will have to reschedule the whole thing.

Preserve my energy on people and things who indeed worth it. Even talking nonsense trying to impress irrelevant people consume so much of my energy.

Sleep early, get up early, exercise, all that is to boots my energy level.

Worry less, think less, talk less could preserve your energy too.

 Format computer

Spending unnecessary time on gadgets will drain my energy level fast as well. My computer has been running unreasonably slow that it eats up my energy. I will have to do something about it.


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