Soft reminder


I asked myself, why do you write?

Sometimes I will got hit back by a seemingly stupid answer : Because I feel like to?

It wouldn't be bad to reply someone question by another question. It seems fun to me lately. Like why would you even ask me that question in the first place?

I am a private person. I love to say that to others. 

I might not like sharing too much. I do like to keep things to myself a little. I do share but I think there is a part of me I can only keep it for myself.

Do I write to share ideas and feelings? I doubt it sometimes. I spend too much of my time thinking about others and for others. Such as what people will think about what I do? What would they feel if I reply them in this way? Do I look okay to them? Will that cause them to hate me? Are them avoiding them?

This sounds bad right? 

Writing is a special thing for myself.  I have to the most special one. It is about me, mostly me if not only me.

That constitute one of the reasons of such importance writing is to me.

I do write with hope to motivate and inspire the others but somehow I think that come more like a side effects most of the times to me. I love to see that but let's make me the priority of it.

Over sharing

In one of the TED Talk I listened to, it says we now lived in an era which is the most noisy world ever since human existence.

The theme in fact starting from liars identification. The conclusion of the speech draws me interesting idea as to this over sharing concept.

All the social media causing us to share and telling everything to everyone. It may seems open in the first place but then soon we will realise there is so much of insecurity and spam within them.

The world becomes too noisy for us. When you imagine liars are being secretive and afraid of the sunlight, this can not be the truth now. The liars are in fact the bravest among us. They want people to know their existence and they promote publicly of their lies. 

It is difficult than it ever was to figure things out and identify the honesty and the contrary.

This makes me think we should never undervalue the importance of silence and peace of mind than to the ability of socialise and connected with the world 24/7. 

We tend to drive by the high and desire to proof too much of ourselves. Not every things in life has to be proof and has a way to be proof.

Like in [Winnie The Pooh] POOH once said it to Piglet, we don't spell LOVE, we feel it. Despite this might due to POOH being a bad vocab bear but it touches my heart some how.


  1. Agreed.

    Sometimes the world is too loud. So be quiet sometimes. Sometimes silence is good.
    But honestly, I say, make the noise that you're comfortable with.

    Because no matter how loud or quiet we are, people will always have something to say.


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