What is the point?

Self explanatory 

The reason I am tired of telling people about why I feel in certain way is the details.

I want to skip the details now. If it is boring, you are not listening. I am not obliged to make it sound interesting, it is not a show.

And while explaining to you, I am justifying myself.

I don't want to do that. I don't want to act like I am this kind person who is neutral all the time.

I am pissed off, disappointed and in a terrible mood. This is what happen.

My mum is being very unreasonable again, accusing me of going after her money and blaming me for everything. I tried to help, but it is her problems. I want to get rid of that and soon I will be.


I look around and think for myself, what I really want. Fairly enough I shouldn't be saying it for everyone.

So instead of saying what we really want, I say what I really want.


Minimalism makes us break free from material things. And I need to break free of what people think of me. I need to break free of people who don't worth my time.

They have to adjust themselves. I am not into that. Your mess is your mess.

How about happiness? Freedom is costly. Disasters, failures and risks all can happen. You may not get happiness then. Still it is what I want.

Without freedom, what is the point?


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