Short walk

Had a short walk today, not like exercising but relaxing.

Usual routine, study planning and study.


I think C is an amazing word. Although as a grade it seems suck.

Compassionate, Creative,Caring,Conquer,Consistent,Compromise[ not a bad thing in all circumstances].

In fact I am kind of a C person. Maybe except the conquer part.

I compromise a lot. From what I want and what people want, I also seek a way to compromise and have it in a way we all wanted.

Maybe, not all that time things can be compromise, you just need to know that.

You are a good person, considerate, kind and intelligent. Maybe it is time to take a step forward.

B for

Take steps to be a brave person. I know whenever bad things happen your first instinct asks you to run.

I get that you don't want to lose. You think you can't fix this and you need to be the one who let go first, before failure caught you on board.

Having the record of failure doesn't define you as a loser, you fought and it means you are brave.

I know nothing is granted. If other people meant to be lucky then be it. 

It is about time you do accept the fact that things don't come true just because you wish for it or miracles take place.

You fight, fought and struggle. There is still no guarantee. 

We start from having nothing, then slowly we learn to protect what we what, from losing them. Sometimes unconsciously these things became part of our identity. Only by losing them we tend to figure if we can live without them.

Most of the time, we do.

Then there are so many things we thought we will lost it. Passport, Identity card, fixed deposit proof, you simply have to claim it back. It includes cost, time and troublesome but you never truly lost them.

Friendship, love, marriage, if you lost them maybe it just means they have to transform into another form of existence. Or you have never own them in the first place for you to lose them.


  1. This is our life.

    And only we can live it.

    So one step at a time.
    One fight at a time.

    You can do it.


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