I am not eating my best friends


Apparently the focus of my life now is CLP studies and examination.

It sounded boring. My life is usually boring.

No instant sense of adventure. 99% were planned out. Remaining 1% is simply due to 1%.

I was the 1%. I mean the pregnancy.

I do love to be random but every time I try it disasters attached.


I constantly been asking myself: Is it everything to you?

Will not passing this CLP be THE END for me? Logically no. I can always retake or I just switch my career path. Although learning to be a lawyer can be special and useful.

You won't die.

Do you want to pass it? Yes, I made the decision to give up working and other things to concentrate in studies and pass it one off.

Birds sing

Indeed I have got back into my vegetarian diet. I tend to be more honest with myself.

Reasons I have in the past be a vegetarian is because I want to lose weight and stay healthy. And after awhile I either can't resist the temptation of food which consists of meat or I don't want to make it a big deal to other people when come to social life.

If you think you are doing the right thing, keep doing it until the whole universe activated to pull things together for it.

It is just a diet. 

If I don't lose weight, it is okay. I need to do more than skipping meat to stay healthy anyway.

I am afraid of needle, really frightening. There is human right, but animal rights aren't on the reasonable coverage.

If I don't want the cut, the needles and the pain, I shouldn't impose that on the animals. They live in confinement the moment they were born and their fate were fixed, death at a young age for the sake of tasty food ingredients purpose.

It is not a big deal as a matter of diet but let's be honest with the reason you are doing it. Let's see if this could bring you far.

My stand is, I don't meant to turn everyone to be a vegetarian, of course I would love to see it. I just think all of us should be more conscious on our food consumption and it can all starts from me.

On a regular day cracking my head on a subject I am studying thank to an incompetent and irresponsible lecturer and many more of them, I hear the birds were happily playing and singing out there. I just feel that this is good, not my part.

They make me happy in that unintended manner.

P/s: I like the breeze and the rainy days by the way.


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