A day for poem

Exchange language

My Spanish speaking friend share with me a poem and pronounce it for me.

Te amaré hasta el final , no importa cuan lejos estés pero siento algo especial por ti

So In exchange I will need to pick one poem for him and pronounce it for him to learn.

 就像夏夜里 那些   年轻的星群  
惊讶于彼此乍放的光芒就以为 世界是从            
这一刻才开始   然后会有长长的相聚  
年轻的爱    原来只能像一场流星雨

Although I do think I do better in the classical poem than the modern one. I picked one modern poem for him due to the ease of understanding comparatively. 

  Just reorganize my stuff and it feels good.


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