La Verdad

After short walk

I do not dare to update my blog without at least a simple casual walking on that day.

I am not as healthy as I used to be. I am getting older and perhaps wiser. Otherwise I am still the same old me.

Making more mistakes and training myself to be braver.


There is a saying: Bravery doesn't always roar. Sometimes it is just a whisper saying, I will try harder tomorrow.

I want to add on which is: Bravery can exist in so many uncountable forms.

Not soldiers that pull out their swords to fight for the country is bravery.

A reporter fought against all powers to publish the truths is bravery. A person who stands up against their friends to do the right thing is bravery.

I think artists are all very brave people. They inevitably omit a part of them in their art work. Be it an actor, writer, painter and every one of them.

When you express something in your art work, they are always more than just portray of something. It is inevitably for someone to express who they are, where they placed themselves in this world and how they see things and feelings.

It is like for the people to look through your soul in a full naked manner.

La Verdad

It means [truth] in Spanish. The truth is, the ultimate bravery isn't about overpowering anyone or anything.

I believe it is about being able to stand alone and stare at yourself in the full naked manner then not fearing to show it to the world.

You are precious and you know it. I am true, I am authentic and it is perfect.

This is difficult and at the same time I find it beautiful.


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