Pequeños cambios [Little changes]

No tengo lo que no me gané{I don't have what I don't earned myself}

I know it is bad to compare myself to the other people situations. Some people come from better family come with better support. Some just don't.

It is pointless to feel bad about something and do nothing about it.

It is okay. I can proudly say to myself and everyone, I am raise in this way that I earned my way out.

2017 Resoluciones {2017 Resolutions}

1) Eat consciously and work out constantly. Hopefully to lay off some unwanted facts and get the body shape I am fond of.
2)Don't give anyone permission lightly to affect my emotions. Draw clear boundaries.
3)After exam start get any job and save money for my year end Thailand trip.
4)Wait for my hair to grow longer.

No va a cambiar las cosas {Not going to change things}

Some people think being single is a problem. All right, I never deny there are days and nights I feel lonely and scare of the single forever curse has been fall upon me.

However getting into a relationship being some needy and lost are not going to solve your problems. In fact it could only cost you more.

That one person may has make you feel your life has been perfected, but your life is never completed without you fixing all the crap you have on your own. There are so many things that others can't do it for you. Trust me, you don't want them to do that for you as well.

Whatever you are doing, don't get attach to people and things. Be independent, especially financially, so you can be a free person, and make indeed free choices.

No tengo lo que se necesita para ser una persona ordinaria { I don't have what it takes to be an ordinary person}

The whole get a job, save money, get married have children and love happily ever after is never my thing. I never been able to picture that for myself, never mind to live in it.

I always do know that I am different. I am special.

Career should be a thing I want to fight for in my life and I should learn to be an investor too. However I can't let that be all about my life. If I am dying soon, I don't want it all about future planning.

I want to travel around and keep good memories for myself. Something has to be change in my life. I am sicked of the non stop full time studying I have.

Everything is hard, go on an adventure is hard. Nevertheless staying on the same ground for so long is also hard. There is never an easy way out. There is only follow what your heart desires or follow what others are doing.


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