Realist romance

Por que escribes [ Why do you write]

A good friend asked me this question, because someone asked her the same. No one ever ask me that question.

Reason 1 : They didn't even know I love to write.
Reason 2: Writing isn't something cool them.
Reason 3: They don't find me worth digging. 

Then I replied, each time my answer shall be vary depending on the current mood. This time I would say, it is a private appointment to meet my soul.

Everyone has this something [ Algo en comun]

What is this thing? 

The beginning of this little story is about my earphone. It is one side broken, so I can only hear the sound for my right ear. 

I brought this mp3 5 years ago then 3 years later the mp3 broke. I keep the earphone until now. It has been broken for sometime now.

I have my iphone earphone and others spare remained unused. I just keep this broken earphone for such a long time. The idea to throw that away and use the new one naturally do not seem to come across my mind.

Until just now, I took out my new earphone and formally said goodbye to this broken one. 

I know this sounds like a plain incident that doesn't even worth mentioning. However to me it is different.

Do you have this thing or things that you always just love? An old clothes, malfunctioning CDs, a handwriting letter that faded in every aspect, a broken necklace, etc.

Maybe we all have these thing or this one thing, we accidentally found ourselves in love with.

You may not be able to explain it. It is a little bit like LOVE. Maybe when you first with 'em  there are purposes and reasons. Then you have a justification to stay with it.

Only when the reasons are no longer valid, the purposes they can no longer fulfill then it shows different to you. Do you without a second thought just replace it with a new one? Or do you just keep them without considering the alternative?

In LOVE, some says we have to NEED this person in our life, instead of merely WANT them to be in our life. It should be such strong emotions.

Then I come up with this slightly different perspective of seeing it.

I need you to be with me, it is love. How about I can totally live without you? Financially, physically,mentally and in every aspects. 

Somehow I know this is the truth. The whole NEED concept may seems romantic and fulfilling, for you to see you can't survive without someone, thus this someone must be the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, SOUL MATE.

Maybe as a realist I have to say if, and if I have to lose this person, it will happened. Then I am still going to survive, time will never stop for anyone and anything. I may be in great pain and grieving but I can survive without this person or things.

I just don't want to live without you, although I know I certainly can. I WANT you, in my life. This is why I think we need to be independent in our own. Despite we are in a relationship.

This is how you can see things clearly, keeping certain distance and boundary allow you the clarity. I love you, and despite knowingly I can still live a good life without you, I still want you in my life, very much, deeply and fiercely I am so in love with you.

It proves as a choice I want to stay with you, regardless all the conflicts and obstacles. It is my choice, and I make them every single day to be with you.

That's my realist romance.


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